This is something I wrote when I was sixteen. I hope you enjoy. I know I may be presenting an unpopular opinion here, but I’m willing to accept that and whatever flack you give me. Even if you disagree with my premise or principles, please try and understand my underlying point and conclusion. I think it’s worthwhile. Thanks for stopping by!

You know way-back-when in the good-ole-days, when young men used to stare at the hems of women’s dresses to try and get a glimpse of their ankles when they lifted their skirts to avoid the puddles? You know also how nowadays, ankles are the last thing on anyone’s minds when you see what girls are wearing IN PUBLIC? It’s kinda strange, it’s like a drug to see skin – you need more and more to get the same “high.” If “normal” boys today look at a “normal” girl’s ankle, they get no turn-on.

Well, that’s kinda sad. It’s too bad that staring at a non-erogenous part of the body like a wrist or neck doesn’t fire your blood. I admit it’s kinda good, too, otherwise you may have a lust problem, but I’m straying from the point.

Hm, what is the point?

My point is, with more and more demand for increasing amounts of immodesty and visible skin, we are degrading the value of little peeks at even the most innocent parts of the body. Now, a husband who sees his wife’s midriff isn’t going to get the same “electricity,” because he may have seen it all the time before they were married. She’s cheapened her own value by flaunting it to the world. Kind of like supply and demand – a girl shows her waist to everyone, the demand goes down.

But that’s not exactly what I set out to say. Sometimes I get excited and forget my original point when I start explaining and philosophizing.

My real confession is this: when I have a crush on a guy, any visible skin, if I think about it consciously for any amount of time, turns me on. I mean it – If I think a guy is really cute/cool/attractive, I can see his knuckles, or his hair, or even the back of his head from across the room, and if I am self-aware that I am looking at him because I am attracted to him, I get tingles and blushes and hair-on-end and the whole nine yards.

Kinda creepy, actually. Even the way he coughs is cute if I think about it.

(Confession: Once, a guy I was crushing on stood behind me and drank some water, and the gulp sound he made when he swallowed gave me chills. True story.)

That’s the key – if I think about it. If I’m just talking and paying attention to the conversation at hand, or playing a game, and am not distracted by girly feelings (basically, if I’m being my ideal self), then there’s like zero-level of romantic interest. I would like it to be like that all the time, if I’m honest. But if I subconsciously think, “Let me look over at so-and-so and just remind myself of why I think he’s hot stuff,” and then I consciously think, “Man, his shoulders (through his shirt, even) are so attractive,” I get so confused and guilty, that I look away, and try to act like I don’t feel that hot hand closing on my spine and my face blazing with all the fires of Mordor.

And since I wouldn’t want a girl looking at my (hypothetical) husband with those feelings, I try to avoid doing that to someone else’s husband (even if they haven’t met yet, by the way).

So, I had to get that off my chest. If I get married, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to look at my husband sometimes, because it’s felt so wrong for so long to look admiringly even at a guy’s hand. I don’t know how I’ll get over that. (*Husband walks shirtless into bedroom* *Wife covers eyes and screams* “AH! Honey, put a shirt on, I’m so embarrassed, what if someone sees you??”) But maybe at least my husband will appreciate the fact that I get confused and excited and romantic just by staring at his ankle? Who can tell?

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you liked it, please check out my other thoughts, poems, and recipes on this blog. Also, be sure to like and subscribe. Thanks again for reading my thoughts!



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